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 Academic Writing Studio

Supporting your research and writing journey

Establishing A Writing Practice that works for you starts Wednesday August 14!

The Academic Writing Studio provides practical support to get your writing done, while recognizing that you are much more than a writer and a scholar.

Our approach is neurodivergent friendly and flexible enough to fit various working contexts.

We can’t change the big structural things that make your life harder than it needs to be, but we can help you navigate those structures with more ease and clarity.


The Studio is a community of writers and researchers at all stages of career from PhD through retirement. Members work inside and outside higher education institutions, in a variety of roles. They are in different types of institutions and located in many countries around the world.

Learn more about who joins the Studio.

Our approach supports the whole person. Studio members are in a range of family and household situations, and belong to a variety of ethnic, cultural, and religious groups. 

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We use a combination of virtual co-working, group coaching, and self paced resources to help members juggle their myriad responsibilities:

    Make reasonable plans that include writing and resist overworking.

    Get writing done in virtual co-working sessions

    Write effectively in a variety of forms

    Learn how to deal with peer feedback effectively to improve your writing

    There are a variety of membership options depending on how much, or how little, of this you need or want right now.

    We look forward to meeting you in the Studio!


    We offer virtual coworking (A Meeting With Your Writing) on Mondays and Thursdays at several times to suit different time zones and schedules. Classes and group coaching are usually offered on Fridays at 10 Eastern/3 UK & Ireland.


    A Meeting With Your Writing

    10am UK (London) | 5am EST (NYC)
    10am EST (NYC) | 3pm UK (London)
    3pm EST (NYC) | 8pm UK (London)

    A Meeting With Your Writing

    10am EST (NYC) | 3pm UK (London)

    Office Hours, Planning Classes, PhD Clinics, Writing Clinics

    10am EST (NYC) | 3pm UK (London)

    Join us!

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Studio community. There are several membership options available so you can choose the level of support and community that’s right for you.

    Two Tiers of Studio Membership

    Full Studio Membership including A Meeting With Your Writing

    • Weekly coworking sessions in which to write: A Meeting With Your Writing
    • Planning Classes
    • Self-paced classes (including Dealing with Reviewer Comments)
    • Regular group coaching (including Writing Clinics)

    Basic Studio Membership

    • Planning Classes
    • Self-paced classes (including Dealing with Reviewer Comments)
    • Regular group coaching (including Writing Clinics)
    • Does not include A Meeting With Your Writing

    Planning Support

    Planning Your Academic Writing Year

    Get support juggling your academic and personal projects

    Writing Support

    Dealing With Reviewer Comments

    A self-paced class helping you with peer review

    Establishing A Writing Practice

    A 2 part live class happening Aug 14 & Sept 25 that will help you create a writing practice that works for you

    Need more details?

    Planning Resources

    Included in: Planning Your Academic Writing Year, Basic Studio Membership, and Studio + Meeting With Your Writing Membership

    Juggling teaching, writing, and responsibilities alongside everything you do outside of work is complicated. Plans also have a tendency to go awry.

    We offer Annual and Quarterly Planning Classes to support you in making plans that include time for writing, and ensure you get time for rest and life outside of work. They include a live session with guided reflection prompts and group coaching, supported by an extensive range of self-paced resources.

    Members in the Basic or Basic + MWWY tiers, can use Office Hours, an open topic group coaching session, for support when plans go awry.

    Writing Support

    Included in: Basic Studio Membership and Studio + A Meeting With Your Writing Membership

    Regular group coaching sessions and an expanding range of self-paced classes, provide emotional and practical support for the writing itself. Troubleshoot your writing problems, get help as you work through a specific how-to-write book, share what you’ve learned with other members.

    Writing Clinics offer group coaching and community support for those writing book length and/or journal article length works. A PhD clinic is offered for those working on theses and dissertations. The Clinics are responsive to participant needs, and can also be used to support self-paced classes like Dealing With Reviewer Comments.

    Dealing With Reviewer Comments offers a way of approaching the feedback you receive from reviewers and editors that addresses both the emotional and practical elements of the work. You are centred as the author. This is your work. This course helps you:

    • manage your emotions so you can respond (rather than react).
    • make decisions about whether to take the reviewers’ suggestions or address their comments in a different way.
    • protect the time to do the work.

    PhD students are welcome in all group coaching sessions, and may find Dealing With Reviewer Comments helpful as a framework for dealing with feedback from supervisors and examiners. We’ll be expanding the range of self-paced resources for PhD students during the 2024-25 academic writing year.

    A Meeting With Your Writing

    Included in: Studio Membership + A Meeting With Your Writing

    Virtual co-working sessions are offered several times a week to suit a variety of different time zones and lifestyles. Each session is scheduled for 2 hours and guarantees you 90 minutes of quiet writing time.

    Writing regularly keeps your projects moving even when you don’t have a lot of time. The combination of time blocking, body doubling, and accountability helps you protect time for your writing projects. The opening and closing prompts help you focus and maintain momentum. The hosts provide micro-coaching if you are stuck.

    Learn more here.

    There are several membership options depending on how much support and community you want.

    You can get all this support with or without A Meeting With Your Writing.

    Just the Planning Classes to create regular check in points in your year. Some of the self-paced classes are available to buy individually if that’s all you need.