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The Academic Writing Studio supports you to regularly find and protect time for your writing, without extending your working hours to do so.


Writing is a fundamental part of your job; it belongs in your normal working hours.


Studio members are at all stages of their career. They work in different types of institutions in many different countries. They join for different reasons and many stay in the Studio for years, perhaps dropping in and out depending on teaching and other commitments. Here are a few reasons people join:

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A Meeting With Your Writing provides a basic structure to help you block time to write and keep that commitment. Writing with a (virtual) community helps you stick with it, and many participants find staying in the meeting to write, with video on and microphone off, makes a significant difference to their focus. Learn more about how A Meeting With Your Writing works.

This basic structure is supported by regular group coaching and asynchronous resources to help you manage the things that make it difficult to find and protect writing time, as well as improving the effectiveness of your writing time. These resources include:

  • Planning Your Academic Year: Annual + Quarterly
  • Quarterly group coaching with a theme focused on your writing practice
  • Office Hours (currently 2 per quarter) for responsive support between other sessions
  • A weekly newsletter
  • Recordings of sessions you are unable to attend
  • Worksheets for prioritizing work in progress, planning your teaching preparation, etc.
  • Free eBooks of my Short Guides


Synchronous sessions are scheduled at the following times, in their “official” time zone. For time zone conversion check TimeAndDate.com:

Monday 10am UK (London) | 5am EST (Toronto) A Meeting With Your Writing
Monday 10am EST (Toronto) | 3pm UK (London) A Meeting With Your Writing
Monday 3pm EST (Toronto) | 8pm UK (London) A Meeting With Your Writing
Thursday 10am EST (Toronto) | 3pm UK (London) A Meeting With Your Writing
Friday 10am EST (Toronto) | 3pm UK (London) Office Hours & Classes

Once registered, you get access to additional asynchronous resources on the member-only website that complement and extend the synchronous sessions. New resources are being developed and added as the Studio grows.


Membership of the Studio is £50/month paid by recurring payment.

I don’t want price to prevent you from getting the support you need. If you need to pay less (for any reason, no explanation needed) you can join for £20/month. If you are able to pay more, that makes it possible to continue to offer the low price to those who need it. You will be able to change your payment when your circumstances change.


Pay Less
2 Weeks for free then £25 / Month
Academic Writing Studio: Monthly Subscription
2 Weeks for free then £50 / Month
Pay More
2 Weeks for free then £65 / Month


All prices are inclusive of applicable sales taxes, which may be charged based on place of supply (where you live and receive the service), and remitted to the appropriate tax authority.

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