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Academic Writing Studio + Meeting With Your Writing Membership

Membership of the Academic Writing Studio is tiered. If you pay by monthly subscription, you will be able to upgrade or downgrade your membership as needed.

The Studio + Meeting With Your Writing membership includes:

  • A Meeting With Your Writing
  • Annual Planning Class
  • 4 Quarterly Planning Classes
  • Open Topic Office Hours
  • Quarterly Writing Clinics
  • PhD Clinics
  • Dealing With Reviewer Comments (self-paced class)
  • Other self-paced materials


A Meeting With Your Writing is a 2 hour virtual coworking session held weekly . You are guaranteed 90 minutes of writing time in each session, plus prompts and group support. You can attend as many sessions each week as you want (and fit with your schedule). Even one session per week makes a significant difference.

A Meeting With Your Writing

10am UK (London) | 5am EST (NYC)
10am EST (NYC) | 3pm UK (London)
3pm EST (NYC) | 8pm UK (London)

A Meeting With Your Writing

10am EST (NYC) | 3pm UK (London)

Office Hours, Planning Classes, PhD Clinics, Writing Clinics

10am EST (NYC) | 3pm UK (London)

For more information about A Meeting With Your Writing, read more here.

There is at least one group coaching session per month, often 2.

Group coaching sessions and planning classes are recorded and transcribed, and made available within 7 days of the event. Members can access recordings and transcripts of past sessions on the member website.

Pay What You Can pricing

Our pricing balances the value of the service, the level of revenue that is sustainable for the business, and accessibility of the service to those who would benefit from it.

We suggest £55/month for this membership. However, we recognize that members are in a wide variety of employment situations, and that salaries vary considerably depending on a variety of factors.

We offer a no-questions-asked sliding scale for this membership tier, that includes a higher price that helps support our ability to offer lower tiers to PhD students, the precariously employed, and those in regions where salaries are lower.

You can move between tiers if/when your circumstances change.

Do you have a discount code? Discounts are applied to your first month’s payment only. Select your preferred monthly membership price, enter the discount code at checkout and you’ll see the discount reflected in your first payment.

Bought a class or attended A Meeting With Your Writing before? You need to login first! The login button will open in a new tab. You can log in there and then refresh this page!


£25.00/ month

£35.00/ month

£45.00/ month

£55.00/ month

£65.00/ month

Annual Option

There is also an annual option available with a smaller range of pricing choices to reflect institutional or other funding sources.

£660.00 / year

£780.00 / year

All prices are inclusive of applicable sales taxes, which may be charged based on place of supply (where you live and receive the service), and remitted to the appropriate tax authority.

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