Dealing With Reviewer Comments

You finished your article and submitted it to a journal. You’ve waited, possibly longer than you would have liked, for a decision. Now you have that decision, along with comments from the reviewers and, hopefully, the editor.

Congratulations on getting this far!

Join me for a live class to help you take your next steps!

Friday 14 January 2022
10 am Eastern/3 pm UK
(your time zone)

Dealing with Reviewer Comments offers a way of approaching your comments that addresses both the emotional and practical elements of the work.

Influenced by Liz Lerman’s approach to criticism, I centre you as the author of the article and help you use the reviewer comments to make decisions about how to revise your paper to meet your goals.

It is available to all members of the Academic Writing Studio as part of their membership. You can purchase it separately for £15 (tax incl).

Class Structure

  • The first part of the synchronous session will guide you through the editor’s and reviewer’s comments.
  • The second part will focus on coaching some participants with specific issues.

There will be asynchronous resources available on the Studio website to help you prepare for the session, and to help you finalize a plan for your next steps. The session will be recorded but I strongly encourage you to attend live.You will have access to the class resources and recording until 15 April 2022.

You will also receive the eBook version of Peer Review (A Short Guide) which explains my approach to peer review in more detail and provides reminders of the work we did in class and additional prompts to help you as you work on your revisions.

What past participants say

“Taking this course was a game changer.

I was frustrated with one of the reviewer’s comments and Jo easily and elegantly translated what that comment meant. I could easily address it in my edits and keep moving forward.

I cannot emphasize the degree of relief I felt and how it freed me to keep going.

I highly recommend this course.”

Michelle Dionne Thompson

historian and coach

“Jo’s class helped me to identify and then move past my emotional reaction to the reviewers’ comments. Jo’s strategies enabled me to be analytical in both appreciating and addressing reviewers’ concerns, and they showed how I could break down what needed to be done in clear steps.

Beyond this, the class forced me to articulate the main message of my article, and in so doing helped me see how to communicate it more effectively in the revised version.

The session was small and interactive enough for me to receive specific feedback on my own particular revise and resubmit struggles, as well as to learn from Jo’s discussions with other participants.

I found the class gave me a much-needed boost to kickstart the revisions I had been delaying and, as a result of that session and subsequently working one-on-one with Jo, I can report that the article has now been published in one of my dream journals.”


mid-career sociologist

Do you have a deadline for your revisions?

You might be thinking you can’t wait until January, much less however long it will take you to do the revisions after the session on the 14th. Unless the revisions are minor, the date the editor suggested for submitting them is probably negotiable. I’m sure you have plenty of other things to work on over the next few weeks. You are probably also really tired at this point in the semester. Getting some rest over the break and dealing with some of the things that are taking your attention away from your writing will help you do a good job of these revisions.

One of the asynchronous resources will help you communicate with the editor to propose a more realistic resubmission date, and help you make a plan to address fatigue and overwhelm. You can also reassure yourself by downloading and reading the eBook, and doing some of the preparation for the session on 14 January.

Still have doubts?

If you’ve read this far and are still thinking about it, you need to decide. Deciding will free up cognitive and emotional capacity you need for something else.

If you don’t have reviewer comments right now, a quick no is a good decision. This class is designed for people who have actual comments to work on during the session. Don’t register because it might be useful in the future. Your time and energy will be better spent getting your article ready for submission. I plan to offer this class regularly for full members of the Academic Writing Studio and will probably offer it again as a separate purchase at this time next year. Sign up for my newsletter instead.

If you do have an article with reviewer comments to work on, and nothing I’ve said so far puts you off, is this a yes? Getting started is often the hardest part. This class will get you started on those revisions.

This class might not be enough but if it is a step that helps you deal with one thing on your overwhelming to-do list, it will make you breathe a little bit easier. You can decide later, on the basis of your experience in the class, whether you would benefit from more support, what kind of support you need, and who might provide it. One step is enough for today.

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