Start As You Mean To Go On

How to prepare for your new academic leadership role

A collaboration between Vikki Wright, The PhD Life Coach, and Jo VanEvery, of the Academic Writing Studio.

Are you taking on a role like Head of Department, Director of Programmes, or Director of a Research Centre, etc?

Are you feeling daunted, overwhelmed, or just not ready?

  • Maybe you were “persuaded” to take on the role.
  • Maybe you’re excited to make a difference but worried what it will take.
  • Maybe you are concerned about the implications for your research and scholarly activity.

Don’t worry! It’s normal to be worried. It is objectively daunting, but:

You are capable.
You’ve taken this on for good reasons.
You can manage this change.

This webinar will give you ideas and tools to:

  • Bring your strengths to this role.
  • Effectively juggle your myriad responsibilities.

What you get

In this 90 minute webinar you will:

    Identify the strengths you bring to the role

    Learn how you can act from those strengths

    Plan how you would like writing and research to fit

    Assess what you need to put in place to support writing and research

    Small shifts now make a big difference down the line.

    This webinar will help you go into the summer feeling more confident, so you can take time to rest, have fun, and maybe even focus on your writing, before you officially start.

    Yes, this role will be challenging. We know you have what it takes to face this challenge.

    Join us!

    Thursday 16 May 2024 | 10 am Eastern / 3 UK & Ireland


    Jo VanEvery, has been supporting academics for over 15 years, first in Eastern Ontario, Canada, and now from her home in the Peak District, UK. She offers classes, group coaching, and virtual co-working to support academic writers through the Academic Writing Studio. When not working, she enjoys a variety of textile crafts, and spends time relaxing with her elderly dog and cat reading fiction.

    Vikki Wright was an academic for 20+ years, culminating as a full Professor with experience of a number of senior leadership roles. She came to life coaching through her own battles with overwhelm and procrastination and now runs The PhD Life Coach from her home near Cambridge, UK. She provides online individual and group coaching for academics and PhD students, helping people to achieve their goals while enjoying their careers. She loves spending time persuading her middle aged body to attempt various circus skills, like handstand, silks and (occasionally) flying trapeze, and then recovers while snuggling her rescue labrador, Marley.

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